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November 20, 2018




Compressed file formats in GIS

July 19, 2018

The use of zip programs or other archivers as part of a program becomes very common. Like for example in the creation of a Map Package in ArcGIS as a MPK format, it is a 7z compressed format.
Where if in an emergency situation we rename the MPK to 7z and extract it ..


Or in the latest QGIS version 3.2 for project files that end in QGZ is also a compressed format, where we rename / copy the file that replaces with ZIP suffix, and we can get the file with the old format that is not compressed.


QGis in editing

July 2, 2018

The use of qgis in editing process will be very slow / rather than use of other popular gis software.
Here are some tips to speed up, based on the experience of using qgis.

Set the keyboard shortcut for activity for pan , editing/ reshape feature and feature spliting to the easy to access keys , map editing can be done in more easy ways. user can switch pan , reshape feature and feature spliting smoothly and more faster on editing process.

here sample user can access pan tools in simply use these keys


and set for other keys too.

Creating Static WebGis

June 19, 2018

Creating a static webgis application is now getting easier and not paid, that is for the GIS user whch using QGIS application, there is plugin called qgis2web

The step is by setting up her map content; setup settings qgis2web plugin application; prepare its website site, and webgis ready made and used.
In the past, apps like this one running as arcview 3.3 extensions should be purchased for use,

trying to access app-1 –

In the plugin there is Option making with it by use of leaflet technology
with this you can set layer switching feature, and in this example created a hyperlink action to displays the image linked
Display-3, along with the replacement of a more cartographically impressed basemap (open topo map)

The following exploration is to try to use the cloud platform they provide qgiscloud – (free with 50 mb), upload data and project is through an intermediary plugin provided ..
can be viewed / accessed at the following address:

In this web cloud view the hyperlink will not (not) active, due to changes in the hosting location, which is translated in the data content.

This cloud and QGis feature I think is a breakthrough that makes it easy for users.

GIS application alternatives, QGIS

May 3, 2018

Though not as powerful and complete as ArcGIS, Quantum 3.0 gis has provided the functions that I need to use in gis, and moreover this app is included in open source category and provides platform version of mac and linux.



Using OpenGeoSuite

March 21, 2018

Use of open source gis becomes urgent , since many gis user use those, and options as alternatives. OpenGeo Suite become easier options for me to set the systems.


To use it, additional effort is required, navigating to related documents and samples related to the problem found.

In sample up stair, i try to combine several services or layer, make different style , and displays as label the attribute the objects. And use of different map data projections.

Below is Map with same contents, but created on ArcGIS Online. Created in just a few minutes.


Here is sample capture when GeoServer/ OpenGeoSuite WMS sevice accessed by using ArcGIS Desktop



Zhiyun Smooth Q – Xiaomi Action Cam

December 24, 2017

Use zhiyun smooth q stabilizer for xiaomi action camera.
In video creation, often the shooting stability factor becomes an important factor in order for the video to be comfortable to see, or unaffected by the vibrational effect of being taken in a moving (in-vehicle or walking).

The effort is often done by using a camera that has electronic stabilization feature (EIS – Electonic Image Stabilization), in this example i use xiaomi yi lite action cam.
Obtained is not maximal stabilization, slant movement (flat axis stabilization) in bringing the camera still can not be anticipated, or still limited to reduce the rough-grain effect of the camera, which is automatic anticipated electronically.


Stabilizer zhiyun smooth q, is designed specialized for smart phone only, after several attempts to use / utilize with how to modify the load balance finally stabilizer can be forced to use with good results. ( without additional load balancer difficult to work well )


balance with load, zhiyun off


balance with load, zhiyun on ( ready to shoot )