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No more ArcGIS Desktop trial

July 9, 2017

There os No more ArcGIS Desktop trial to offer.
ESRI plan to push user to try and use the ArcGIS Pro,

which has more functionality for accessing ArcGIS Online.

The Trial for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and with set of bulding aplications, still available for 21 days.

ArcGIS Trial Links


Multi Platform Chat Apps

April 27, 2017

Uses of chat apps like WhatsApp and Line, has become increasingly popular among the public,
This is in line with the popularity and ease of internet connection.
Another thing is the urgency of communication needs that reach individuals and groups.

Currently the chat app can be used multi platform in the same ID.
Where this feature makes it easier to use / sharing media available on the device.

The link between platforms is done through a verification code that sent to user, or by given CodeQR on screen.

This feature makes the use of Chat apps would be very interesting and useful to use.


Net Mediatama television

June 7, 2016

Net Mediatama relatively new television program that serves original tv show, compiled a very detailed, complete, and well presented, whether it was the music, movies, cooking and impressions tv series.

Good preparation ranging from video capture, color scheme, conten prepared with a slick, etc.

Good Net Mediatama, now there is a good selection of choices and quality, which is not only pursuing the benefit of advertisers.

Go to : for more info…


Net Grand Launching Video Mashup

My first MacBook

February 11, 2016

My first apple computer was new MacBook 12 inch, with its compact size and lower power consumption is a new thing, especially with very different operating systems with regularly being use.

But the first impression I got was that this type of device is a solid design and precision.
Access made only through USB-C port. (Charge – display – usb)

But for the purposes of development / programming that is outside the rules / properties beyond the standard set of rules that developers, seems to be more difficult. Hence hacker access becomes more difficult on it. ( upgraded to el capitan )


Xiaomi Note 4G

April 21, 2015

I am very satisfied with the use of a series called 4G Note Xiaomi Mi Notes. Dubbed “the most epic flagship device,” Mi Note comes with a slew of new features as the brand continues to maintain momentum in the smartphone segment. On offer is a 5.7-inch full-HD display, Snapdragon 801, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP camera with OIS and with LTE connectivity.

This phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on both sides, 2.5D curved glass on the front and 3D curved glass in the back, and has the overall thickness of 6.95mm. In terms of specs, Mi Note has a 5.7-inch full-HD display with 3.0mm thin bezel. Xiaomi noted that the panel offers an adaptive dynamic contrast and reduce light-blue mode, which aims to reduce eyestrain.

Powering the device is a quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked 2.5 GHz and Adreno 330 GPU. 13 MP camera features Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor and module OIS and two-tone LED flash. The front of the shooter is 4 MP variants with large 2-micron pixel. Other specifications include 2 GB of RAM, 16/64 GB internal storage, dual 4G connectivity and 3,000 mAh battery. There is also a 24-bit / 192KHz supports lossless playback.

On the software front, Xiaomi Mi Note comes with a custom ROM, MIUI 6 (based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat). While access to the Play Store is not available on the Chinese variant, all international models of Mi Note will display Google services.

On that occasion, Xiaomi showcase how the camera sensor of Mi Note match the body of the device, making reference to the sensor slightly protruding seen on the iPhone 6 Plus. Here’s a list of sensors that complement Note Xiaomi device, which is very adequate for class mobile phones at reasonable prices, but complete sensors. Thanks Xiaomi..


Valet Parking System untuk BMW

December 23, 2014

Sulit untuk memarkirkan mobil anda ?

Saat ini BMW sedang mengembangkan remote control valet sistem parkir untuk mobil yang dapat dioperasikan oleh sebuah smartwatch.

BMW i3 mobil sensor-penuh, yang akan dipamerkan di 2015 International CES di Las Vegas pada bulan Januari, terintegrasi dengan smartwatch dan pada dasarnya dapat self-park. Menurut perusahaan, sopir bisa mengaktifkan “Remote Valet Parking Assistant” melalui sebuah aplikasi, yang kemudian menuntun kendaraan ke tempat parkir dengan sendirinya.


Mobil ini bekerja dengan bantuan sensor laser yang memindai lingkungan sekitarnya sehingga dapat bergerak tanpa berlari ke apapun. Ini akan bekerja sama secara erat dengan rencana situs digital, sehingga mobil memiliki peta lingkungan sekitar lokasi, juga.

Prototipe BMW i3 dimengerti sempurna. Iterasi sebelumnya mobil self-parking – seperti yang Audi memamerkan di CES 2013 – bekerja dengan laser diposisikan di lokasi fisik. Model BMW memerlukan peta lingkungan, tetapi tampaknya masih sesekali crash selama pekerjaan self-park. (Dalam rilis berita BMW, perusahaan mengatakan hanya ada “kemungkinan sepenuhnya bebas tabrakan mengemudi.”)

BMW telah bekerja pada mobil diri mengemudi untuk beberapa waktu sekarang. Perusahaan diuji sebuah “sangat otomatis” pada tahun 2009 dan lagi pada tahun 2011. Produsen mobil bahkan publik diuji mobil self-driving di CES tahun lalu.

Perusahaan lain, seperti Tesla dan Google, memiliki mobil dengan fitur autopilot seperti juga.

Sumber :

Great 3D Engineering Creation

April 3, 2014

There is a program will help user creating 3d object automatic by just analyze  series of


This program then used as main tools for create 3d maps from the airborne or uav

photographs series, which will uses as 3d GIS and other GIS purposes.

As the result the programs will knows in which position photo taken like follows:


Image series are like follows:


And this is sample of VRML output of those


What a helpful and great creation of 3d engineering tools.